One False Move Lyrics

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(Chorus) Akon
See everybody wanna fake and pretend
But me im tired of goin in and outta the pen
Im done with disobeyin the law
One false move and ill be back in the yard,(This is for my thugs)
If i had a choice i wouldn't do it again
Ill unload the clip and conversate with my friend
Now this thing shouldn't be that hard
I done lost my dog now im fallin apart

(Verse 1) C-Murder
They got me caught up in a situation,hectic,got me crazy like glue My homies dyin for colors,but me im ridin for true
See i aint sidin wit you,im always dodgin the blue
I got two records on the rise,im only signin my crew
Forever loyal,no lyin
No broken links,come try
Ima rep the CP3 until the day that i die
Daddy threw it at me,but then i threw it right back
Tried to hit me wit dat curve,but ima fool wit dat bat
Now how you like me now,im gettin bigger,and richer
A third world villian,come here shorty take a picture
Still thuggin in the streets all day,just a lil bit
You see dem cutboys loadin,now thats a real click
Straight goons wit sum change,bust brains,maintain

[lyrics was taken from] Im the same lame wit sumin to gain
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So i pray for em tryna cross,cuz im the boss
Papi's moves was false,now he lost,the streets cost


(Verse 2) C-Murder
Im havin visions of a nightmare,every suckas playin me close
Im on the cover of the source,with america's most
So many memories of thuggin,and pushin it to the limit
Didn't have it,I had to get it,them forces im comin wit it
Them wigs was gettin splitted,im tatted up ya dig me
Task was tryna kill me,railroad n deal me
I had to make em feel me,no duckin n hidin
200 on the dash of the whip i was drivin
I hit the studio,let the pain flow
Watch the grange dro,rock that chain low
Calio the same coat
Dirty G,Porch Boy Rest In Peace
I wont let them bustas bury me mane,ima beast
Drinkin 1 and 1's,2 and 3's,and let my mind free
Im against the wall,cuz my enemies behind me
They wanna see me in the bin or the pine b,
Im under the radar homie,you'll never find C