Favourite Patient Lyrics

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(Did you know you're my favourite..
...Did you know you're my favourite patient!)

Did you know you're my favourite...
Did you know you're my favourite patient here?
Did you know that I need you...
Did you know that I need this treatment more than you do?

When you find it hard to breathe
And your heart has skipped a beat
We'll rush you to intensive care
And declare emergency (...emergency)

Well I'm not gonna lie to you
This is gonna hurt
Like nothing that you've ever felt
This is gonna hurt like hell (...emergency)

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I'll sleep when you are alright,
I'll sleep when you're fine
When you regain all vital signs

Do you remember love...
Do you remember love for the first time?
I'm sorry to say
I'm sorry it'll never be like that again.



Did you know that you're favourite...
Just know that you're my favourite patient (...my favourite patient)