Concrete Timeline Lyrics

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setting off, the streets unwind
this concrete timeline
clears my mind and sight
trading off the routine i walk
for open roads
and unforeseen challenge

and the seam will come undone

settle in at highway speed
i'd rather face unknows
behind the wheel
combing out the tangled thoughts
a realease is only natural
it holds me up

comb out
tangled thoughts we store
trace out
what's to come
bring it on

[lyrics was taken from] lost all sense of time
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(will it rewind the time for us)
a hundred miles away
keeping track of days
through scenery passing me by
living comfortably
(the scenery marks the time for us)
the warmth of a cold floor
a hundred miles away
yet somehow it still feels like home

count down where I've been
escape rewards me now
translate what I've seen
rewards banish doubts

I'm living well these days
feel comfort in this rolling home
a feeling like I've never know exists
keep pushing on
I'll hold these days forever