Events In Concealment Lyrics

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Nowadays the essential crimes of blue
Take place behind closed black doors
Unrevealed, at green tables discussed
To paint over the grey with colors

Their projectors are pointed at you
In the want of clearness they're undisturbed
Blinded by the gladly seen light
But appearences are deceptive cause they treat us like dirt

The cause are too extensive
Inference is disincentive
The consequences are insignificant
Signals too weak and population unobservant
We walk with blinkers in the corridor
Which is embraced from "causes-consequences-walls"
They are immaculated

You wear glasses with pink-tinted lenses
'Cause colored pictures set at rest the minds
They have an alibi and a clean slate
But if you look twice, dirt is what you'll find

They place the beautiful face into the foreground
For fear, so you don't see the flaggelated back
The mediums, the "subjective objectivity-support"
They hide and seek and thereby break our neck

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The causes will be rash decided
From irresponsibility guided
The consequences won't be prevented
No opponents and noone who is reprehended
The walls which hug the corridor
Have indeed windows and doors
But you will be sobered
They are walled up

Do you know the paradisiac state ?
A state of programmed end
Paradoxical ongoings, ongoings are prevalent
Our conduct enforce a day
And this day is not pleasant
The cause for this "gift" are all the concealed events

The day will come when you're impeached for false pretence
And space will be filled with laughter
You know the paradisiac state
A state of programmed end
Paradoxial world, a world in retirement
Our conduct is typified, typified for discontent
Events are ....... in concealment