Defari Interlude Lyrics

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Soul magnificent, this where I started

When God created light, He made me in the flesh
The caramel black man, here to free all the rest
Inhale, exhale, nigga open your chest
Put it to rest, I'm one of Los Angeles best

Rearrange game, not sane rap, push your brain back
I never left, so how the fuck could I have came back?
The sun burns holes in the souls of fakers
I drinks cold ol' gold and I loves them Lakers

My mind travels at the speed of concrete streets
It's all real, feel different then why must we speak
I strive to teach each, outreach over rugged beats in the streets
And this just the beginnin' of me

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The matrix, I'm givin' all you kids the basics
Patience, invest time or time's been wasted
When Defari rhyme, a breath of fresh air, the mornin' sunshine
I had to take back what was rightfully mine

And that's a Golden State crown when I gets down
The yellow-brown, million dollar voice from L.A. town
See, if you look up at the sun, you'll see my face in the reflection
The light that shines for all them children protection

Wake up for the mornin' blessin's, push-ups by the session
Damaged beats, never second guessin'
Nightmares and dreams, everythin's not what it seems
Dilated, expansion team