I'll Be Fine Lyrics

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So here i'm standing all alone , independently on my own
Looking down, staring at my toes
What's up my head nobody knows
I'm still hurt but that's okay , i was stupid , what can i say?
They seem to screw up everytime
When it's all over , it rewinds

It never seems to come out right, come out right
So we'll just walk away and i guess that's alright

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/lucy-in-the-loo/lyrics/i-ll-be-fine] And i'm always left confused but i don't mind
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Now dont you worry i'll be fine

You're so convincing so i see , it's in the way you look at me
Your smile just somehow hypnotizes - to simply see truth in your eyes
So it's you i once adored , i'm not a little girl no more
Cause i am used to these kinda games , they come and go Again and again

It never seems to turn out right , turn out right
So we'll just end it here and i guess that's alright
And now i'm all alone but i don't mind