Rock With Me Lyrics

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Should be asleep
Still here aching my feet
The music is pumping
And I'm lost inside it, baby.

They look in love
Why's it them and not me
You, you could be mine
Maybe not today then someday

We're rocking, we're talking
It's time to go home now
You're walking, I'm stopping
You're blowing me a kiss.

Hey boy
Dancing in the darkness
Lets not overcomplicate it
You boy

[lyrics was taken from] Make me feel so beautiful
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Does my head in when you
Rock with me

Night turns to day
Doors are shut in my face
You, you say you'll call me
And I just can't wait, it's crazy

You see what I'm saying
I don't need betraying
Cause it's just not wonderful
You'll be my guy
We're touching the sky
We'll be cruising, hanging,
Us in this lonely world
Hey you, what will it be?
Grooving, rocking,
It could be beautiful
Boy, you see what I mean?