Changing Your Demeanour Lyrics

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Here we are we've come to call
With pipes and flutes and fiddles and all
In case of death we've even brought a keener
So, if you're glum and feeling down
Just feel like us and act the clown and soon
There'll be a change in your demeanour

I put me money on a horse today
For with the race he'd run away
Or so a friend that's in the know he told me
Twenty lengths ahead at most
He proudly cantered pass the post
But, woe was me, he lost the bloomin' jockey!

Now of all the places I have seen
From China to the Caribbean
Are all across the goat compared to Ireland

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From Bally Castle to Tralie, the Corup to the Liffy
There's no where else on earth but like this island

In Hollywood I long to be
No, not the place across the sea
But in county Wickloe, Ireland's lovely garden
Where no pretenders will you find
But decent people warm and kind
And flocks of friendly sheep into the bargain

For your ills don't take a pill
But take it down the road, the hills
And listen to the larks lovely warbling
In the evening in the company
With music in the key of E
You'll be dancing Kerry sets until the morning

Dancing Kerry sets until the morning