Bulls Have Horns Lyrics

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Last night your taste was beautiful but my tongue doesn't know the truth cause when it's drown in poison chemicals I see the better side of you our promise was that we would save ourselves before our minds lost all control but then our clothes hit the floor now today you called and told me that it only hurts more the phone's been off the hook for three hours now my heart beats fast as the pulse of the tone blocking conversation I'm hiding from your lies lies that make you take back what's been said I'm so angry it's hard to even talk anymore with words as my weapons I would say to you now it's over no shields can prevent these sharp syllables I tell myself you'll never let go (you will never let this go) still I'm the one who is blamed for this lies depicted a remainder of trust something deeper than a story will you hold my eyelids open as I paste your blood on my pupils then teach me to see with my ears so I'll find out what true beauty really is why can't I take back all the time that I wasted on you and use on friends that won't bring me down because everytime it seems the same way and I know that they're there for me and they hate to see I'm ruined so give me on e good reason why you're still in love I see you standing all alone and if that one good reason is not enough I want to be let go just give me on good reason why you're still in love

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