Vacation To Hell Lyrics

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Let's let the memories drift away I'm taking down these pictures of you on my wall these scars still bleed and I'm letting them drip on our past I'm torn between decision and dead reckoning if I'm not fair then tell me why do you still care get out the car and walk away I said with dried tears in my eyes hoping you'd ignore my words you slammed the door and spun around as fast as you could to get away from all this mess so take this night and search for your answers I know you'll find what's right and you'll still put me through hell these scars run deep and they cover me like an open wound without breathing room I can't heal like this but it's you I miss this war won't end these words are coming out slwoly and I mean it when I say I need you this war won't end you keep your heart where I can barely reach it and yet it's right in front of me this war won't end it'd be better off for both of us if we'd took these truths and walk away this war won't end

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