Abra -ca -dabra Lyrics

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Don't you know I get a magical feelin'
Everytime you're near
And it always sets me rockin' and reelin'
When you disappear
You keep me wond'rin'
Just how good it could be
Don't you know it feels like magic, baby
What you're doin' to me!

Look where I am
You've got me believin'

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Won't you show me some more
Show me now, show me now, show me now, now! now!

Don't ya knowya got a spell on me ,baby
I don't know what to do
Half the time I'm full of all kinds of crazy
daydreams over you
No use explainin'
What those feelin's could be
Don't ya know they feel
like magic, baby
When you give 'em to me

(Repeat chorus)