A Perfect Fit Lyrics

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A light you make so brightly false
And I watch as blood spills down your arm
And makes it's way to me
So here I stand puddle under me
Trying to believe you're nothing like you seem
I just don't know
And by the kitchen sink you talked to me
Saying, "I don't remember"
And I knew right then it wasn't you just some weak imposter
How could you my lovely friend get caught in their current?
No, I don't believe no, no I won't believe, you will remember
I would hold your hand if you came to me
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I would do anything to see you walk free
I just don't know
With these perfect tree branches
Oh there's bound to be a lynching
With a crowd one-sided screaming
Yeah, the sound gets overwhelming
And they want you to believe them
Oh, they'd love to see you hanging
I know the noose is tempting and seems like a perfect fit
Don't go through with it
I just don't know