Yurf Rendernmein Lyrics

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but you never show me your true self.
How can you ever expect someone else to know you
when all you're going to do is just pretend
you're someone else?
You keep on sayin' that you want to show me that you're really different,
but you're just the same.
If you're really mindless, then there is no way that I can win, maybe
you're just one of them, or maybe it's just a game.
You lie to yourself and remain alone.

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/afi/lyrics/yurf-rendernmein] I'm not exactly sure of your motivation.
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I'm not exactly sure what you're tryin' to do.
All I'm really sure is that you're not too impressive
and you're wearing a mask that I can't see through.
Maybe you're not looking for acceptance,
maybe you're striving for something more.
If it's status that you lust then why try to be one of us?
You're someone we'll never trust 'cause
we know the score.