Made In MY (with SonaOne) Lyrics


Alif - Made In MY (with SonaOne)


It's amazing so amazing
If nobody gonna
Say it imma say it
Cinematic life, everything is so dramatic and i, i'm a
Living like a movie made in my
Made in MY
Yeah we made in MY
Made in MY
Yeah we made in MY

Cinematic life, everything is so dramatic and I
Imma livin like
Crossroads one two jaga (woo)
First day on the job, Hussein, rookie cop
Hassan veteran cop
Dia bawak
Hussein all around now he's finding out
Hassan's really the opps
Gaji hassan tak cukup banyak dah tanggung
Rasuah masuk
Hussein's not gonna let up
Tells him to back up
Dia jadi fed up
Okay, meanwhile

A foreigner works at a site when his
Sister sumiyati comes runnin' to him
Kata dia tak nak kerja sebagai maid lagi tak tahan nak balik
Sugiman bawak dia sembunyi while they map out a plan to escape
Tapi silap sumiyati lapar,keluar,terserempak si rookie Hussein
Hussein tak tahu yang Sugiman is

[lyrics was taken from] Working for people that Hassan protects
Benda jadi huru-hara because of the money that Hassan collects
Lupa nak cakap Sugiman is raising a boy he's caught in a mess
I'll leave you hangin' now
That's all i'm tellin'
Now you gotta find out the rest

I'm a taikor
And i lie low
Like i'm tailo
But i'm psycho
Like i'm sailo
Pretty boy like gwailo
But i'm gweilo
Fly-by-Night over no fly zone
Hop in the cab when we might go broke
If you have a profile or a Dato
I'm about to stack up all this bankroll
Kamal on my case cant let the man know

Go and tell jared we fighting a war
I'm runnin' the show young Zahir Omar
I am no cameo, i am the star
You won't see me much like I'm Joko Anwar
Don't take it serious, I'm joking of course
If they want this sauce they come straight to the source
That girl bout to flip on you. boy she was hurt
Reanna's a cutie tho, spoiler alert
You don't wanna keep on babbling, see what happens to your anatomy
You don't want to end up dangling,
Hanging from your feet out the balcony
I got em' all in a frenzy,
They wanna turn the whole city againts me
If you don't play by my rules that offends me
Ingat ni muka, next time won't be friendly