I'm Feelin' You Lyrics

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Are you feelin' me cause I'm feelin' you?
I was just going to tell you now
You know I wanna talk to you gotta dig me know what I'm sayin?
O.K. you already know that. Ya dig

[Verse 1]
Since the 5th grade, I've been watching you
Even though your friends know I got the hots for you
I know you got boyfriend I'm not knocking yo
But Yall breaking up ain't it possible?
Ever since old days, ya can't give me the time
But when we do hang you always try to give me the rhyme
We used to talk on the phone a lot
I was working on my album that was why I wasn't home a lot
But you never understood when I told you that
It's a shame that me and you had to go threw that
I'm not down for the non-since or the convince
I'm knowing that you probably have guilty continence
Forget it we can start all over again
I'm mature now and a little older than him
When I bother you
It was only a sign
I'm really feelin you and it's not only a rhyme

Chorus: repeat 2X
I'm feelin you can't you see (Can't you see)
If you wanna be down with me
(That's why I bother you if you like me
let me know say yes and I'm ready to go)
oh girl what's it gonna be
you can work it out with "Baby DC"

[Verse 2]

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All your friends think they older cause they all kissen
But if we were together, it'll be way more different
We could go to Six Flags on a Saturday
Your momma cool but I don't know what your daddy sa.
I hope he let you go cause he kinda strict
Transportation come on that's a minor lick
Let him know we ain't gonna ride the bus
Matter fact tell him Too $hort driven' us
I'm a win stuffed animals just for you
I'm a ride that ride just for you
I'm a buy cotton candy just for you
Theirs so many things for us to do
We can take a lot if pictures while we there
Just say the word girl and I'll be there
It's not a card game that I'm dealing you
I hope it's real to you cause I'm feelin' you


[Verse 3]
Well it's back to reality the point of it all
If you going to stay with him what's the point of it all
I got money and my album to think about
But on the real girl you might wanna think it out
Cause I would hate to see you sad if I'm not around
And I would hate to get the word that you got around
And if we never hook up and he still with you
At least you know that I'm feelin you

I'm feelin you can't you see
Can you get with me?
Come and get with D.
Ho Ho Ho Ho.
Do you feel me baby (Do you feel me?)