A Place Aside Lyrics

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I do still sometimes put my hand across
And i feel as yours gets placed on top
We drive along these empty streets
Same old ones they ve always been

I can still hear your heartbeat in the dark
We re still setting up the same old sparks
Pull me close and we lay still
Wrap my toes around your heel

And we re talking as i write this song
Unfolding as we go along
And i suppose we really do
I suppose it must be true

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/beth-orton/lyrics/a-place-aside] There will always be a place aside
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For you...

I do still sometimes stare into your gaze
The way we d stay for days and days
skuze me but this seat is taken
They ve been a while but i m still waiting

And if i light these matches just to watch em burn
And i forget to keep myself warm
And i forgot how to sing my song
Then i suppose i really do
I suppose it must be true
But there will always be a place aside
For you