Alternative Nation Lyrics

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Our alternative nation where all the individuals
are just being the same.
Massive imitation,
just a 90's version of the same rock and roll game.
Yes, the same corporate rock
but now we're sporting punk rock gear.
Who's shocked by tribal tattoos and your pierced ears?

Search for identity -
you put in your time to grow to your dread locks.
Change the inside or you'll be just a freak, but you'll act like a jock.
Costume changes -
will never give you the answer you're looking for.
Personality can't be purchased in a skateboard store.

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A music revolution? No, I will not invest.
Same old institution, but I'm not impressed.

We change our scene,
we change our fashion, but can we change our mind?
An alternative nation's intellectual unless we change our mind.

Has the pit just become the dance of the dead.
We're moved by vibration with no brains in our head.
Ego boost put you up on the top of the crowd.
You only care that the music is loud.