Say My Name Lyrics

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Verse1:baby why is it that when your boys are not around you say you love (why is it that)are you cheating cause it seem that every time you tried to say i love you (boo i love you) you run off with an excuse about your family (family family family)

Chrous:baby say my name scream my name baby say my name scream my name do all that you can oh baby say my name

Verse2:what a girl like me supposed to do you don't even care i thought i was your special girl your baby-boo your sexy girl lovely girl am a the sexiest woman alive to you buat baby say my name

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Chrous:repeat twice

Bridge:say my name say my name what what baby say my name say my name what baby its over cause you don't even give a damn about me all the heck with cha

Chrous:repeatuntil fade