Perfect Dark Lyrics

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[Music: Finn Zierler]
[Words: Finn Zierler & Jorn Lande]

I see beauty
I feel love
But when I touch it
I burn Deep is the sky
White is the sea
But windows and doors have been closed
For so long And it's perfect dark
It's perfect dark here
Where the angels scream Give me a reason
What's this all about?
I am sorry I don't understand
We pray to our God as we dance with the Devil Hold the candle
Pass the flame
We're all in this together Cosmic winds are gathering
Coming your way
Telling you - you are only a fragment
A fragment of time And it's perfect dark
It's perfect dark here
Hear the angels screaming I can't go on carrying the pain Follow the philosopher
Is he God or Lucifer?
It's written in the sky

[lyrics was taken from] A prophecy for you and I Electrical insects
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With nowhere to go Asking the question why
Religion might just be a lie
Believer, take your fix
Crawl up on your crucifix I've found the answer
I have the key
Experience reality
And the world will see That it's perfect dark
It's perfect dark here
In the Devil's hall of fame Before me now
I see a dying planet
Captured souls
With microchips implanted
And it's perfect dark
In the Devil's hall of fame There must be a way
I'm waiting - waiting for the day
Only blood remains
There is nothing more to gain