Between You And I Lyrics

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So now she's on her way
Home from work alone for dinner
You close the door to the microwave
Underneath that phone that just won't ring

Sittin on the bus
Stare a hole right through the floor
Listening to the squeaky door
Open and close at a stop that's never mine

They say if It's well enough
Just leave it alone and they would never
Think to call your bluff
The lie you believed till you're standing all exposed

Oh you confide
And all those fools will fly
Between you and I
Between you and I

I've seen that look before

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Years ago and It's come
Around again

Excuse me while I place a blame on you
The game has conned you now
And It never was your fault
The wind just seemed to carry the spit your way

My time is spent
So all those years can blend
Between you and I
Why'd you confide
Now all your friends can slide
Between you and I
Between you and I
Between you and I
Between you and I

The effort to forget
Nature's moving far too slow
The effort to forget
I still recall the effort to forget