Chico (painted Hands) Lyrics

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In the middle of the night she struts around.
A yellow taxi to the heart of downtown.
Black stockings and a cocktail-dress.
Purple eyeshadow.
It's so hard for her to meet a man,
with a secret they won't understand.
Her emotions are much deeper than...
the underground freakshow.
Now if a man feels like a woman,
does that make him less a man,
if he hides the truth inside his painted hands?

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No esta una chica.
Un Chico Un chico.
No esta una chica.
Un Chico Un chico, claro.
After hours under candlelight,
she pulled a vision in a suit and tie.
Masculine with a willing smile,
they went home together.
You know I'm different than you think I am.
He leaned over by the bedside stand.
The suit and tie had a gun in his hand.
An affair to remember...