Trembling Lyrics

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You say, you've had partners in bed but you never made love.
You say, don't hold back emotions, trust.
But it's not easy for me to hold a diamond close.
There's a little girl inside me that you just don't know and she is:
Trembling. Trembling, remembering the glass rings of yesterday.
You sigh, Honey, this is not about saying goodbye.

[lyrics was taken from] I cry, I just can't believe you've arrived.
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And it's not like me to throw caution with the wind.
There's a frightened soul inside of me that never wins and she is...
I say, life without you with me ain't my style.
And I pray that everything we wish for stays divine.
So just help me when I'm walking in, dressed in white.
And promise me that you'll forever hold me tight, so I'm not...