Baby's On The Way Lyrics

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Luke Bryan - Baby's on the Way

Verse 1

I aint been doin to right
Since I met her last night
Some kinda burnin' breakfast lost at work state of mind.
We're meetin here because
She mentioned that she loves
This kinda sushi, veggie, raw and edgy natural stuff.
I'm feelin' out of place, but baby's on the way.


I'm just boots in some rusty Chevy
My hands are sweatin' heavy
Somethin' she got got me feelin' like this
All I gotta do is play it cool
And end the night with a kiss.

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Verse 2

Ain't gonna try those lines
Been used so many times
Like "When you fell from heaven, did it hurt and did you cry?"
I'm just gonna wear this smile
Sit back and talk a while.
Pull a few questions from my "Get to know Her Better" file.
Hey, it's a real good day, cause baby's on the way.


Just a simple case of can't wait
Gonna be great to see her again
Gonna be tough to hide what's inside
And in my eyes when she walks in.