More Than A Woman Lyrics

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Looking back, reminscing on,
caught a brother doing bad, and you put me on
You told me not to be ashamed of what I got,
never mind them hatein' n****s up and down the block, babe
You held it down, and the bills got paid
She said, "Go ahead baby, do your singin' thang,
and when God blesses us I want a Lexus,
with a hide-away mansion in the Hamptons"


Girl you must have lost your way from heaven,
Could it be for me you came so far?
Nothing like the ordinary woman,
you're the very beat inside my heart,
Girl your like the star I view so high,
shining like a diamond in outer space.
Girl your like my mother, my sister, my lover...
irreplaceable, nothing can take your place

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You're the blood in my veins or the air I breathe,
on a hot summer day your like a shirt with no sleeves,
What makes me a man, any fool could see,
You're more than a woman to me.

Girl if you take that back, there would be no cure,
I would sail there forever, like a ship with no shore
What makes me a man, any fool can see,
You're more than a woman to me.

Look at us, living luxury
and I been thinking maybe we should start a family
A girl for you, and a boy for me
Matching stones, seperate guests, would you marry me?
And if you'd have me, I'd gladly give my life,
today I'd take this vow to make you my wife.
Nothing temporary, you know its quite contrary,
Just you and me, for eternity.

[chorus x2]