Start Over Lyrics


Verse 1 :
To love is dare
Love is a game
I have to put away all of my pain
And right now
I'm holding my breath counting to ten
Finding my way to take the chance

The way you say things when you're talking
The way you smile when you're putting on a show
Got me thinking of one thing
Is it real what should I do with this feeling?

Cause I don't mean to spend sleepless nights alone
I don't mean to tell that I need you as my home
I don't mean to care to the silliest thing you do
I don't mean to love you

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Verse 2:
I wanna love hard despite how hard it is
And giving love a chance
No need for rushing babe
And right now
Holding our breath, counting to ten
Finding our way to take the chance

(Pre chorus)
But I do

Let's start over
Let's start over
Something's callin'
I know where I'm going
I turn my heart
Hoping sleep will set it right
Oh right