More To Love Lyrics

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There's more to love than making love to you
There's more to dreams than dreaming
And baby I'm not dreaming
There's so much more in me
To do to you

Last night I called you on the phone
And you weren't there when I called
So now I'm wondering if you've gone away
Gave you everything a man could give
And now you're gone
And I'll keep on holding on
Cuz there's more

[Repeat 1]

What can I do

[lyrics was taken from] Oh, what can I say to make you feel the way I feel
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And make you understand this love is real
I'm just a man
Just living proof of how our life should be
I'm in love so don't you leave me

[2] - Just trying got to do what I got to do
And commit myself to loving you
The pain I felt
And the love we share
I can not see me loosing you
All I know is there's more

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 2]
[Repeat 1 until fade]