Chamillionaire Speaks 2 Lyrics

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They say its strength in numbers
But I feel stronger than a mother on my own two feet
September 18th, Ultimate Victory
Uh, I be looking at the magazines and the magazines be like
You know, Houston we have a problem or
Is Houston over or, is Houston done or
Who's gonna hold it up and
I'm like, "What? What that got to do with me?"
Nothing, you know what I'm talking bout?
I mean, I talk all that trash about, you know
Not loving rap like I used to, but at the same time
I'm leaving when I'm ready to leave yo
Like that's real talk, I'ma leave the game when I'm ready to leave

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Thank you for downloading Mixtape Messiah part 3
Thank you for checking out the DVD
Hey man, ya'll go get that album, Ultimate Victory, September 18th
Sorry I couldn't make it a little bit longer than this
But uh, you know I do have an album coming out in a couple months man so
Ya'll need to go get that, three w's dot myspace dot com slash chamillionaire
Baller updates, chamillionaire dot com
XM Radio every Friday at 6pm, it go down man, Chamillitary radio
I'm still in it, still on my grind, still focused man
Uh, until Mixtape Messiah part 4
Let's go