Not Friendly Lyrics

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[Chamillionaire - Talking]
Color Changin' Click, ay man I still ain't drop a solo album yet
I'm runnin' the game huh?, Controversy Sells comin' soon
Nah no need to be excited about that
I'm runnin' the game right, yeah, I can't hear you, Yeah Nigga

I'm trunk popped up I'm crawlin' crab (what the heck that mean?)
I'm crawlin' slab - shouldn't came if she on her pad
don't waste my gas better call a cab
Cash fold, I got bad hoes, but they only love me cuz my slab throwed
Car stay actin' like a fag (how?), bumper-kit stayin' in drag mode
Get off my jock, you on the sack
I'ma tell you once, then I'ma warn a cat
then I'm, gon' react like you a quarterback
and I'm Warren Sapp, lay on ya back
Chamillion is not friendly
You will never get rid of me
They gon' have a big problem
when I hit that industry
No Bad Boy and no Puffy
I'm not 8-Ball or MJG
Cuz you gon' have to deal with me
and that whole C.C.C
Real with me, you better be
The industry is scared of me
These pussy niggas ain't sell they'll get signed instead of me
Now toss me the basketball like they want to find out my hops
Nah I'ma different type of baller, our wrist got 5000 rocks

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Don't slang but if I did, wouldn't have to hide out from cops
I'd have watchers on the roof, and I would find all they spots
Nah I'm not with Swishahouse ain't no plex with '5000' Watts
But Color Change bought me a platinum grill and a 5000 watch
Sho' ain't low no more it's gon' be 5000 watch
While they open the door for fans and let about 5000 watch
Party starts when I'm steppin' in
I'll trust no one but my next of kin
If you lookin for friends that'll stab ya back
gotta couple friends I'll recommend
Get cash niggas better hit the pen'
Drunk ass niggas better sip the gin'
D-Bo niggas that'll hit ya chin
wait til' you get up and then get ya wind
Tryed to play my click left but then the checks crept-in
And I realized that me, myself and I my best weapons
So I'm rippin' up applications for a next best friend
And the only next that I'ma trust, is my next of kin
Doors closed but we ain't outside yellin' let us in
Nigga we knockin' that hoe to the ground like disrespective men
(Step ya game up), pat'na my game is stepped up in
We could make a contest outta plex and let the best to win
Yeah!, Yeah!, Yeah!..Color Changin' Click baby

[Chamillionaire Speaks Until The Song Ends]