Failure's Not An Option Lyrics

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[Intro - Chamillionaire]
Do it, do it
Do it, do it
Do it, do it
Ain't got to tell you I'm the truest, truest, truest
Better tell 'em I'm the truest, truest, truest
You better tell 'em I'm the truest, truest, truest
Better tell 'em I'm the truest, truest, truest
Everyday, hey

[Chamillioniare - talking over Intro]
Hold up
Still here, doin it baby
Still here, how many years I've been doin this mixtape stuff
Y'all better recognize who it is

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
Top stay droppin, my trunk stay poppin (uh, uh)
Now turn the speakers up and the beat stay knockin (hold up, hold up)
Blades stay choppin, the groupies stay boppin (still boppin baby, baby)
Pull up to the curb and all the ladies they just hop in (that's right, that's right)
Um, the northside body rockin (the northside)
Um, the southside body rockin (the southside)
Um, we got the whole world rockin (hold up)
Gonna have to see a "Victory," cause failure's not an option

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
I keep one ear to the streets (streets), cause see I'm eavesdroppin
They talkin about my buzz, try to picture me floppin (what) (hey, hey)
Underground ruler, wreck on every beat knockin
Gobble, gobble all the green, so they call me Green Goblin (hey, hey)

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So action hero if you talkin about De Niro/dinero
I ain't talkin about Robert, I am talkin about Euros (what what what )
Think that I'm irrational, hustle's international
You can keep it movin like Simon is who asked you to (woo, woo)
Used to have the small stacks man (what), I used to tube sock it (yeah)
My pinky in the air, near the sun my ring block it
Gotta stay protected cause I know you dudes watchin
My jewelry known to light up a whole room like two sockets (yeah, yeah) (haha)
Can't call it a stack if it fit in your tube socks (socks)
You promotion that 'No Snitchin' like a snitch, but you not (not)
You know that you allowin the police, call you out
You gonna be a speaker like a Tweeter on a boombox (box, box) (uh)
Still a young king of this, you know I'm a hold it down
Still ridin candy with the fo' wides pokin out (still)
Still Screwed Up, still a punchline poster child
Say it towards me and you'll get punched (pow), close your mouth
[Imitates Pimp C for one line] Trill, tell me how you feel, like Young Pimp (pimp)
If that whip less than 80, maybe it's the wrong whip (hold up)
I speak louder than a doubter, so don't even attempt
Talk to dudes like they shoes, better tell 'em (better tell 'em) "don't trip" (I got this)


[Outro - Chamillionaire - talking over Chorus]
Turn your speakers up
Turn your speakers up to 18 and let 'em bump baby
It's the Mixtape Messiah, you in the presence of the finest
I'm know your still down with me, let's get it