Hate It Or Love It Houston Lyrics

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Ha-ha whooo, Southern Smoke
You're in the presence of the finest
I ain't gotta say it, you know who this is
DJ Smallz (Chamillitary mayn)
They pointing at me Smallz, man on fire
I'm not that bad right Smallz, ha-ha let's go

They could tell I was built to last, by the way I handled my past
Man it's gotta be hard, you giving haters a pass
I know, I should put a foot up your ass
Your realness been revoked, it's time to take off the mask
Yeah, cause I'ma show you how to do the game
Y'all ain't making no sense, like Pootie Tang
You doing what, well gon ahead and do your thang
After that comes the bang, like Coota mayn
Cooler than the cooler man, cause I'm not scary
Real recognize real, nigga I'm very
I ain't gotta chase shows, ain't necessary
Still wanna pay, to get me booked like a library
Dreams of being rich, turned to reality
Mo' money mo' problems, I'm rich and that's nigga's mad at me
If I was still broke, niggaz would see a badder me
Destiny is what it is, and what it had to be
Sipping Hennessey, with nothing to chase
And I fold him, like the stacks of money up in my safe
Use to say that I was rude, putting boys in they place
Back when Note and Flip, was putting diamonds up in they face
I was telling boys, F' you pay me
The whisper in my ear, was saying the same baby
Ok (ok), you crazy

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/chamillionaire/lyrics/hate-it-or-love-it-houston] For thinking I'ma sit here, and let you degrade me
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In this story, I was looking like the bad guy
Everybody pointing fingers at me, when I pass by
So I must be the bad one, and that's why
I throw up the middle, when I use to tell they ass hi
But no, no Mr. Rogers here
You gotta love the way I rep, but you ain't gotta cheer
I'm in a Swiss hotel, is there a problem here
Compliment your Cris', you can sip because we're out of beer
Yeah, never cared for the Michelob
Put the bigger karat in my ear, couldn't fit my lobe
Tell my chick to come here, then I flip the strobe
Light cause tonight, is the night where you forget your clothes
After that, it's right back to going after cash
Then it's back to going hard, on the bastard ass
Murk him lyrically, or I can give that ass a pass
You're in the scope, like the staff down with Aftermath

Hate it or love it, "Sound of Revenge" gon drop
And I bet every dot, I will silence that talk
Houston's MVP, the ruler of the game is me
Chamillitary nigga, we will see

Hol' up back at it again, it's your host for this evening
Chamillitary nigga, and we letting y'all know right now
This is the only tape, you should be playing
In your speakers right now, Southern Smo- [coughing]