Hurtin' Em Bad Lyrics

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Yeah nigga we hurtin' em' bad
Droppin' these bangin' ass beats
Better go warn ya niggaz because
Chamillion is comin' with heat
Niggaz gon' recognize the realest
Soon as it hit the streets
Niggaz be thinkin' they runnin' shit
But all that noise gon' seize

You don't want me to bat, I'ma bad ass nigga
Can't let it go when I grab that nigga
you a hold up nigga I'ma grab that nigga
If you thought like me you would've had that nigga
See you drop-out in a chrome Impala
Make a u-turn groupies gon' follow
When I spit shit man the hoes gon' holla
Cuz I'm worth more then a million dollars
But I can't let the money go to my head
It's goin to my neck and my wrist instead
I do a lil dirt and bust a lil lead
? Room see the pent I'ma roast on ya fed ?
Make a lil bread and spread a lil love
Pour a lil liquor and take a lil chug
Ya girls in love dog and that's because
I smiled at her with a mouth full of gold slugs


The world ain't ready so we gon' shock it
The industry me and Herc gon' lock it
Billboards, don't bring up the topic
Cuz I'm bout to go into everybody pocket
Ya album oh no don't drop it
Call ya record label tell em' to stop it
Niggaz gon' knock it and baller block it
I sold all out gotta re-stock it
Hear me overseas gotta get shipped up
Money in the mail, stamps get licked up

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I'm tellin' ya dog, ain't no mix up
mine get picked up and yours get ripped up
Bump in the club everybody get buck
I'm like a bullet who wanna get struck?
It's pure skill, I don't need to get luck
Ya girl out shoppin' tryna get fixed up
She know I wanna sex some
Attitude you better check some
Better not try to disrespect-some
I'm comin' round there tryna collect some
If you owe some cheddar to me
Far away is better to be
Don't wanna go to war better retreat
I get a win and you dealin' with me, What!?


[2 Men Talking]

We hurt a nigga bad whole body swell up
Better yet so he can't never get up
Ain't nothin' that another nigga can't tell us
So some of y'all boys need to shut the hell up
Ya heard, I'm in a zone can't be disturbed
I can describe my style is 2 words
The shit (oh really?), every single verse
If I drop on the 4th they scared on the 3rd
I'ma big dog, you just a lil puppy
I'ma made man, you just got lucky
I'ma wildcat like them boys in Kentucky
I'm comin' to, hurt a nigga bad like Chucky
Never was a weak nigga got it messed up
We bout to, run this you better rest up
I don't care if a hater zip his vest up
I'ma blow his chest up, aim for the neck up

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]