Living Good Lyrics

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[Chorus - Chamillionaire - 2X]
I'm livin good, I'm livin, I'm livin good
I'm livin good, I'm livin, I'm livin good
I'm livin good, I'm livin, I'm livin good
(Somebody said that you was lookin for me)
I'm livin good

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
8,000 square footage of bricks on some private property
Plenty of surveillance for residents who be watchin me
You ain't got to worry about if police or cops'll see
All you need to worry about is if my new glock'll see
Diamonds like a Skittle and big as a thumbtack (thumbtack)
Each diamond in my necklace, no need to make contact (contact)
Shouldn't wanna hate on me, you can trust you don't want that (want that)
Cause I use to punch the clock, but now I just punch cats (punch cats)
Uh, underground was quiet, I came back and they like "that's what's up"
Freestyle or written, I bet you don't want to rap with us
Boy you into rap, so don't rap, you just need to wrap it up
Talkin like I'm stick shift, bet ya that I can back it up
Told ya I'm a cobra, I'm strikin like I'm bowlin
You tryna hate in silence but trust me that I'm knowin
Boys know I'm throwed and they steady scream my slogan

[lyrics was taken from] With straps, I could bear bigger arms than Hulk Hogan
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[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah, sophomore slump rumors, but trust me it ain't a problem though
Mad and I'll be rappin and make you go call an audible
G-4 captain, she sittin in that while callin you
Got the same phone that the president's baby momma do
Currency connect, I be gettin what they talk (talk)
When it come to money y'all, I'm a "Hog" like J-Dawg (Dawg)
Got a lot of hustlers involved with pesos
Was tryna see the fly rides (hell naw), but naw the gate closed (closed)
Stop the window shoppin and get to spendin some paper fool
Ain't even my birthday but hope that you brought some cake with you
Think you run the 'Ton, then trust me Famous replacin you
Won't get on the song unless you did me a favor to
Vehicles like Miracle Whip, 'til they look like mayo man
Cars in the yard that block the route of the mailman
When you see me comin, the witnesses all'll say you ran (ha)
Coverin your face like your doin that Tony Yayo dance