Makes Me Stronger Lyrics

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[Repeat - x3]

[Hook - x2]
I ain't the rapper that you want to talk noise to
It only makes me stronger
Only makes me stronger, stronger, stronger

[Verse 1]
Call the police, a paramedic and a nurse
Rap might be dead, but know what makes the matter worse?
(What?) I left my masters where the dada lurks
And Universal Records probably doesn't even have a hearse
I can't lose like I have a curse
I used to love her, but now I date a badder verse
It seems like acting got a fatter purse
I'm almighty with mix tapes, you back to church
My homeboy, was always a man of turf
Cause he be interred, like the words on a mechanic shirt
I think I need to send a fan alert
Nonsense, sure to send a humble ?
I'm so cool, I jump in a pool
And everything that's in it ain't blue turn blue
Man I'm so cool, I walk into school
And numbers on the ruler tell me that I rule
Who, can make a mix tape skin
Have goosebumps if a mix tape had skin
I'm, Lennox Lewis with the left, right, left

[lyrics was taken from] I'm knocking out a mix tape's wind
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I say whatever I want to say like Kanye
I'm calling, telling have a nice day
If hip hop is dead then I say
That i escaped Death Row like I'm Dre
Cause you're pale and I'm looking colourful
Don't lie about my mix tapes, I know you love em fool..
I know you love em fool
I had to drop part 2, that means another 2
She told me Ridin' Dirty was a hard tune
And then told me to call her at tomorrow noon
One night with me is really your doom
I'll be sticking something in it like a harpoon
18th of September on your calendar
Chamillionaire gets badderer and badderer
Chamillionaire badder than the average huh
I'm a, I'm a raw like an animal
Haha, if a man is mechanical
I'll come through and do what a real man would do
And you'll change your whole thing
Like Claire Reid sleeping in bed with Hannibal the Cannibal

[Repeat - x3]

[Hook - x2]