Money Already Made Lyrics

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[Chamillionaire (speaking over chorus)]
Chamillitary Mayne! 8 Million, 9 Million, 10 Million...
(Unh) Keep Going
Chamillitary still runnin' the game
You Know my money Already made
I go by Chamillinator, Chamillionaire
Mixtape Messiah pt. 3. Yeah

[Chorus 2X]
I'm Paid
I'm Paid
Money already made, Money already made.

[Verse 1]
A Suit and tie
Can't lie
I'm still in a pair of nikes
And with the rumors, don't talk cause I ain't the parrot type
A killa villa thats in the middle of paradise
Looking like I won 10 Mill-i-on on a pair of dice (yikes)
Yikes! is the response with the visual
The groupie saw me in Pari and said it isn't you
I tried to tell 'em it was... and they said it isn't true
She said that I'm the best, well tell me something that isn't new
No body sold a ring tone as big as you
They shock(ed) g my underground is digital
If you a groupie, and you ain't bring a friend wit you
Then I'm gon' make turn around like a pivot do
Y'all ain't ready for what I'm finsta do
You like a shadow you follow, but can't get rid of dude
Touch the necklace I bet you you will get the flu
Forget one plaque I bet you I'm gonna get a few (Whoo)

[Chorus 2X]

[speaking over chorus]
(unh) Cham is chillin'
famous chillin'
what more can I say?
Get millions...
Get millions

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[Verse 2]
I'm so authentic that the word authentic jumps outta the dictionary like "I'm in love"
Keep it so real the word fake tries to hate
and jumps outta the dictionary like "you gon get beat up"
Showing naked well you already guessed what
I lift the trunk up the fifth wheel starts to blush
Looking so pretty in the car that im sitting that the car behind mine says it has a crush
They told god don't like ugly, well he told me I'm the isht
Try to hide that I'm the best but you can tell like a snitch
Money is the scent, you can smell that I'm Rich
allergic to being broke, and I don't even have an itch
Earing is bright as the top of a yellow candle
Try to grab that and get hit with the metal handle
The Best, Cause you couldn't tell me no one better can you?
My style out of this world signing off nannu nannu

[Chorus 2X]

[speaking over chorus]
Young Ro Chillin'
KJ Chillin'
What more can I say?
Get millions...
Get millions

Chamillionator gonna put the speculation to rest
Got groupies that argue about me all on the Internet (you wanna bet?)
The work for me promote me and we ain't never met
Maybe its my confidence got me thinking like I'm the best
Like a DJ Khaled ad lib
The car salesman of lyrics, I give them as is
But no returns cause I'm selling you the whole package
And best believe you won't find another whose that sick

[Chorus 2X]

Big E chillin'
Masa is Chillin
What more can I say?
Get millions...
Get millions