Rap City #2 Lyrics

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Chamillionaire an open vibe in the XXL
And the writer in there said that you had trouble to sell
Trouble to sell ????
How can i have trouble cause hell
I drop the Sound of Revenge and I like double the sales
You thought i fall off a give me the sound of success yeah thats next
Pop up in my video throw my rocks up like im Aztecs
You got your ass wrecked
Seen the size of my last check
Figures in my wallet got it green enough to match shrek
Crime did the two
Couple of my screws is kinda loose
Niggaz talkin that like they had body guards behind they booth
See me out and pet me on the back like my masseuse
Cat in the hat
Save all that for mama Seuss
The price is high couldnt get half of a hooker book ya
Wouldnt go out and try to purchase half a hooker would ya
I have my other brother see ya in the hood ya butchad
Have some white boyz jump out the bushes like Ashton Kutcher put ya
Money on it
And i'll win it like I want it

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Take money that use to be yours and go spend it like i own it
Mad cause you know that you only gon matter for the moment
If ya a gansta matter of fact it dont matter til u shown it
My convicts at entertain
Like Akon and T-Pain
I run wit Akon that got an arm for T-Pain
Show u the bat man like that boy was B Wayne
Ya grill layin on the bloody part of the sheet stain
Contain yourself wouldnt care if you drank the jug or not
Hop bop dropped and run you ova like a juggernaut
Do not care how many cousins that your cousin got
Twist you up til they cant fix u like that puzzel box
Lames Complain about the state of the game
They do the same as the lames and they go cater to dames
When Wu-Tang was the thang boyz was braided wit fames
When the West Coast was the thang boyz went datin insane
Now the truth is they say I love ya ya ya grill
And they studda when they see me its Cha Cha Chamill
Bandanas bananas enough one's to peel
Enough guns foreal
Ya guts will spill