The Crowd Goes Wild Lyrics

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Thank you for joining us today for the festivities
We have the Chamillitary band, the Chamillionator
Stand up and give applause, woooo
Let the games begin

[Hook 1 - x2]
They yelling all up in the bleachers
Whole crowd yelling cause they know that I'ma get it
Remember they always saying I'm the villain
Now everybody saying I'm the trillest

[Verse 1]
The crowd goes wild, the industry is so foul
I hit em with a pow, then I'm like how you like me now?
If you don't see the lord you better go find a lord to dial
I can have you beat up quicker than your eye can raise a brow
They magnify my life, doing them right, I'm doing the same
Looking at me like I'm crazy, looking at you like you are sane
I'm the rapper they can blame for killing a verse like Lil Wayne
The money you pay for the feature, guess that that's the price of pain
The paparazzi popping talking bout that's the price of fame
If I bust you in your limbs I bet, I bet that price will change
Forget that industry mixer talking a flight today to Spain

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Living a life like I'm a king, or like a prince just like I'm James
Nah, I don't really know if I'ma get on the Oprah show
Ya'll, I just know I'm just bound to get that Oprah doe
Just like the ? I'm the driver in that overcoat
Walking to that Phantom passenger side to open Oprah's doe

[Hook 1 - x2]

Hurry up, call the ambulance
We need paramedics, quickly!
[Gun Shot]

[Hook 2]
Let's play follow the leader, the whole underground gon' copy your style
They yelling all in the bleachers, a lot of people calling for features now
Let it burn up your speakers, my Mixtape's is all for the metre huh?
But I won't give you a free burst, you want it? Got to holla at me first dog

"During the making of this mixtape, no A&R's, label executives or industry DJ's were hurt
This message has been brought to you by the trill folks set, Chamillitary man, thank you"