What The Business Is Lyrics

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So what if I don't sell a million plus, I still keep a million bucks
In the garage it's a million net worth of trucks
Not any account, just a million, it's not enough
Ten million dollars when you start and start countin up
And while y'all countin and watchin me I'll be probably
Purchasing plenty property just cause I like monopoly
Yeah, Oprah must have adopted me
Top floor, don't a resident stay on top of me
Seems like my hustle is givin me paper cuts
Got it because I keep money beside the nuts
In love with my money when before I just had a crush
Fondled the paper, seen her shape and just had to touch
Chopper with the drum is the defence I bring
Paper comin out of my wallet like I print my green
Like the kid not king, I am Prince Hot-Keem
Bootleggers on it like "The Royal Penis is clean"
And I'm bout to take a trip to America
Wire one million to myself just to stare at a
Whole bunch of money, gettin the pants off a caramel
Chick, she kinda thick but I don't think that I'ma share it no

I'm what the business is, I'm what the business is
I ain't just talkin about it, I'm on my business kid
While they be talkin bout gettin it, I be gettin it
If you ain't out here grindin then mind your business
Don't think your grind can compare to mine
Cause I got toys that'll put yours to shame

[Verse 2]
Cars hahaha... please
Purchase two twins and the plates will say Siamese
Hope you don't reach for the bracelet inside my sleeve

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Ain't even a maybe if a baby would excite ya
Always put a helmet on the head like a biker
Thinkin I'm in the Chrysler, but really I'm in the Viper
Wouldn't call you baby if you was a toddler in a diaper
Thinkin I'm bout to wife her but really I'm bout to wipe her
Out the black book, look, ain't lovin ya, I just like ya
Booshie then I'm known to turn a heifer to a hiker
Every time they see me it's a crowd like a cipher
(Testing, testing) Mic check, one, two
How many cars in my yard? I'll check, one, two
Three, four, five, six, seven, skip eight, nine
If I keep countin we gon' be here for a real long time
It's a real long line, got the grill on shine
Might appear off clock but I am still on grind
Probably show up late but I am still gon' rhyme
Throw my watch on the ground so I'll appear on time
Why would I handcuff her? Nah, I don't really have to
She dark, probably see her on my arm like a tattoo
Got a lot of spots in the US like a map do
Watch and we can catch a flight like a pterodactyl
With my brigade, record industry slave
Couldn't be, I be bossin up, you can see that I'm paid
And my jeans is the same, bout a G of some change
Put my pants on the table and give my pockets some praise
In money we trust, I show my money a lot of love
In love with my money when y'all haters just havin lust
Hand in your pocket, only thing that you have is dust
I'm handlin bidness, mind your bidness or handle up cause...