House Like That Lyrics

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1st Verse

2nd floor, apartment 10
Countin' change to pay the rent
But you can feel when you walk in
There's somethin' priceless in there

2nd Verse

For a satellite dish and backyard slide
Family of four in a double-wide
There's so much love inside
It spills out in the yard


I wanna live in a house like that
Where love wears out our welcome mat
And our hearts know that's where it's at
I wanna live in a house like that
Live with you in a house like that
(Loving you in a house like that)

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Big ol' mansion on a hill
Wanna buy you one, if I can, I will
Oh, but if I can't, you'll love me still
'Cause what matters most of all

4th Verse

Is down the road in a little shack
With a front porch swing and a garden out back
Two old people been in love like that
Since the first time they kissed

(Repeat Chorus)


A place to watch our babies grow up
Well, you never know who might show up
When they've got babies of their own
They'll have a place that's always home

(Repeat Chorus)