Down 4 U Lyrics

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Ja Rule, Vita, Charlie Baltimore, Ashanti...
Fat Joe, All Murder Inc...
Irv Gotti, Chris, TNT...

I wanna be your chick
I wanna be down for you
(Do you trust me?) Yeah
(Love me?) Yeah
(You're puttin' it on me you must be)
you down ass chick
I wanna be your chick
(it's only for the rule baby)
I'd ride for u, die for u
Do anything you want me to
I be you down ass chick

[Ja Rule:]
This chick no intentions of bein' offensive
The women by calling you all bitches
My down ass bitches
Still my queen bitch's cut look clean
On you finger next to the finger you flipped at me
And this no in between me and you
Only me and you
Who else gonna put it on me like the RULE
God only looks after children and foo's
And you not so who gonna look after you
It's RULE baby

True baby
It's only for you baby
Vita thighs only divide if you beside
'cause I love the way you touch me
Nobody can get it
And if it's comin' and gunnin'
Just come in it and spit it
So when you gone for a minute
I just fantasize like if it's you it's all in it
Then I'm satisfied 'til you come back to me
Holding stack and jewels
V-i-t-a and my nigga J-a RULE baby


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I'm gonna be here when you need
RULE baby can always count on me
No you don't ever have to worry
You know I'll make it in a hurry
I'm here for you
And I wont never leave tears for you
'cause boy you got to me
There'll never be another for me
You'll always be my one and only

[Ja Rule (Ashanti):]
Babygirl would you bust you gun with me? (Yeah yeah)
Lie to the feds to come get me? (Yeah Yeah)
And if I died Kill for me? (Yeah Yeah)
Are you trusting me? (Yeah Yeah)
Are you loving me? (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Yeah let's get it grinning
Like we asked for the Simpsons or Ike and Anna Mehoe
On one their good days
You smile like sun rays 5'5 with brown eyes and thick legs
Only for the RULE baby


[Charlie Baltimore:]
Now baby I told you I can show you better than I can tell you
Don't try to bring converse and mail
Just sweet words and naked photos
I'm still that pretty down down ass 2 cars behind you 6
And I diss any clown ass rocking my brown ass only a down ass
And it's all for you
I've grown a tad bit since we been at it like rabbits
To move a little bumper and it's
Shit Who gonna love you like that?
Thug with you wit a stack to the ceiling
And spilt in the dub with you
Cause I played my position with KO-D's, O G's
Until that blood shed blood red and we O-Ded
Remember every word that you told me
All you need in your life is Chuck, drugs, and dubs on 22's
Now tell me who the hunny for you

[Chorus x2]