Across The Line Lyrics

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Where the sun goes up and the sun comes down nothing ever changes in a border town
It turns around and starts all over again
It's alcohol and nicotine and everyday's like Halloween
It's a muy loco world we're living in
It's broken dreams and shady deals
Red hot cars and cold blue steel
And every night temptation comes around
And down on the border where the coyotes howl
The hot winds blow and the big boys prowl
Always something evil going down

Look out boy you're gonna lose control
Blow your cool and curse your soul
Open up your eyes and read the signs
Are you gonna be a man and stand up tall
Or turn your back and say the hell with it all

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Don't you know that the blind can't lead the blind
And you're just about to cross the line

Don't you know if you turn your back the water gets muddy and the cards get stacked
Nobody gets a free ride in this game
A rich man poor man beggar man thief doctor lawyer or an Indian chief
In the eyes of the law they're all gonna look the same
But right's still right and wrong's still wrong
And they keep on singing that same old song
About the only ones are you and me
Take a look in the mirror cause you know what you are
A belly full of guts and a little tin star
And you're standing between the devil and the deep blue sea