Falling In Love For The Night Lyrics

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Well, her name was Maria
She came from [unverified]
She had a passion for diamonds and gold
She done broke every heart
In Flueto bi Arta
By the time she was eighteen years old

Then she left for Las Vegas
With Senor Rodreguez
She didn't care what anybody would think
And when she came back
She had two Cadillacs and a mink

Well, he came from Kentucky
All the boys called him 'Lucky'
He loved to ramble around and have fun
A wild-eyed joker with a talent for poker
And a good lookin' son of a gun

Strong as a bear
Kinda devil may care
But he had a weakness, alright
For good lookin' ladies
And falling in love for the night

He met Maria in a small bar in Mexico City
Where him and his buddies had gone
Down to see the bullfight

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He took on look in those flashy brown eyes
And said, "Here we go again"

When these high powered lovers
Got a look at each other
They thought it was love at first sight
They danced and got high
And then by and by

She came up to his room for the night
Then that high-totin' mama
Left for Yokohana
With a millionaire from San Antone
And when Lucky woke up
His loot and his lady were gone

Now he sits in Louisville drownin'
In sour mash whiskey
While she rides through the streets
Of Juarez in a long limousine

She took his pride
And a whole lot besides
And she just don't give a damn

I guess that's what you get
For fallin' in love for the night
I guess that's what you get
For fallin' in love for the night