No Place To Go Lyrics

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When A man's been mistreated
When he been kicked around
He been laughed at and lied to
Well it keeps going down
When A man hits bottom
Woman I know Yes I know
Aint no place left to go
Aint no place left to go

I been locked out by A woman
Locked out in the street
I been locked up in the jailhouse

[lyrics was taken from] I been locked for two months and three
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{repeat chours}
Well blue is my color
It is on my wall yes
13 is my number
oh locked on my little name
{repeat chours}
{repeat bridge}
{repeat chours}
Aint no place left to go
No place left to go {repeat chours}
There aint no place left to go
woh yeah woh yeah woh yeah
Well no no no no no no no no woohhhoooowooooooohhhh