Crazy Inside Lyrics

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Memories creep in circles
Beggin' for life
Beggin' for love
Your sweet gaze so tender
Loving and precious I just can't deny
It's not easy being the strong one
When I never was in control

'Cause I stopped being right
And started to listen, to listen
When I look to your eyes
It makes me feel crazy
Yeah crazy inside, yeah inside

Starlight and the moongaze
Gives me a feelin' I can't resist
You stand quiet

[lyrics was taken from] The wise one
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Making me beg for oh just one kiss
It's not easy being the tough one
When I'm buckin' at my knees

Repeat Chorus

Oh, tell me baby
It's not easy
But it's not hard
'Cause I know it's been so long
Since I told you the way I feel

Repeat Chorus

Oh crazy, yeah crazy inside
Oh crazy, yeah crazy inside