Could've Been Lyrics

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Could've been a politician
Tell people what to do
With intellectual vision
Hell, I could lie to you
Could've been the inspiration
For a love song or a prayer
Maybe start a new religion
Would anybody really care?
Could've been, should've been
Could've been me somehow
Could've been, should've been
Could've been me
Well, I'm not gonna get caught sittin' about
Waitin' for the world to go 'round
It's gonna be me, gonna be me
Not should've, it's gonna be me
Somehow, yeah yeah
Somehow, yeah yeah

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Could've been on television
Just one more talking head
Sell you an apparition
Buy this and you'll wind up dead
If there's a God above
I shouldn't be so bad
It's open to interpretation
The best time that we never had
(Repeat chorus)
You beat yourself over the things you say
And someone else is losing their life today
Before you walk away
Start givin' it up
Livin' it up
'Til you drop
Diddle it up
Diddle it up
Up 'til you
Hey hey
(Repeat chorus)