Walk This Earth Alone Lyrics

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You're in the doors that keep revolving
The sirens that keep screaming
You're in the flashing of the headlights
The things that i'm believing
You're in the water that I'm drinking
The sound of 911
The walls that protect me
From the damage that you've done
In this world you are with me
But I walk this earth alone
And all I've ever known

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/christy-lauren/lyrics/walk-this-earth-alone] Is you are right beside me
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If I love you for a day
Then blow my life away
Could I leave you behind me
You're in the crashing of the windows
The angels 'round the ceiling
You're in the fire in my belly
The fucked-up way I'm feeling
You're in the warning on the label
The pills that disappear
The whines as I'm talking
The words you'll never hear
In this world you are with me
Repeat Chorus