Doin' It In The South Lyrics

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[cool breeze]
Just like when we first came up
I didn't think that we would ever flip a hundred bucks
But we put our heads together and we locked it down
Got clientel and new faces coming around
The first thing we asked is would they put in dirt
If they say that they gone give names we give em some work
Now anybody coming by that want more than two
Put the strap in their face, we check em for that boot
You see the money is gone come in chunks
When the folks who wanna race scream five on ones
Now when the work at the top tells you the money has dropped
Make the customer walk back through the parking lot
Never take a loss is what we were taught
We never though for once that we'd ever get caught
We were making stacks of money ever since we was young.
The first freshmans to attend the prom

[chorus x2]

That money (that money)
Keep making it (keep making it)
That's how we do it (that's how we do it)
In the south (in the south)

[verse 2]
Just like when we first fell out

[lyrics was taken from] How you give the other side all that clout
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You should've listened when I told you they was calling your bluff
They never got jacked they was smoking your stuff
But you insist on acting like you kicking some game
And then you go and wonder why we call you lame
You never used to listen to your folks in the past
You were just too quick to put your foot on the gas
Don't ever tell nobody where you keep your stack
They dig this dirty out and they won't come back
Didn't you moma ever tell you not to open your mouth
Unless you know for sure you dropped some money that house

[chorus x2]

[verse 3]
Just like when we first got popped
Now which one of y'all went and called the cops
Before the folks took us in they questioned all our words
Somebody singing like a mockingbird
You said you told them what? man how you gone speak?
The whole click three time felon repeats
They caught us with a rolex full of d's and a brand new benz
I gotta look like this the only way I feed my kids
We goin down and ain't nuttin to say
But be back serving them up everyday
You lcould've been a lawyer the way you had to cop that plea
Man you was just like a brother to me

[chorus to fade]