Everybody Loves You (when You're Dead) Lyrics


Cop Shoot Cop - Everybody Loves You (when You're Dead)

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Everybody loves you when you're dead
And everyone is suddenly your dearest friend
Nobody talks no dirt about you
But life it just goes on above your head
When you're dead
Everybody miss you when you're gone
They'll reminisce about you
When they hear your favorite song
They'll think that they did something wrong
They'll wonder if there was something they should have said

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And I'm never gonna tell a lie
And I'm never gonna wear a tie
And if I can't walk, maybe I can fly
Don't ask the reason why
But (and) I'm never gonna say goodbye
Life is so much better when you're dead
Conversation's easy when there's nothing to be said
But it can get a little lonesome
Maybe you should take along a friend
Like I said