Omnicide Lyrics

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Life is a luxury, you can't buy it, with deeds so noble or words so pious
United Nations meet no defiance, genocide applied is the favorite science
A science enticed by financial calculations of the tired empire who's dire machinations
Are fired by the pyre of its satellite nations
Holocaust is the cost of man's imagination
Now the world is automatomic, now the braid of life is untied
Like the wondrous antibiotic that kills all culture, omnicide
One might just as well ask why every living thing must die
As to ask why some must live in poverty and strife
Struggling like a lizard wriggling on a knife
Until the soul shrugs off the shackles of this life, some have dollars, and others squalor
All are one side, omnicide

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Ballet is beautiful, it proves we are not animals
But art is seen as high in stature when it perfectly mimes nature
Nature we must dominate, thus we destroy, thus we create
Black, white, arab, jew, one king is calling you
One king that you must serve, one master rules the world
Until the soul shrugs off the shackles of this like, soothe your dollar, chase your dollar
Now we are allied, omnicide
There was a time when all the world was disunited
Now we are allied
The words come from on high, elsewhere chasing butterflies
Say goodbye, all must die
In these hours of leisure, memories of pleasure
Rise like smoke, and disappear