$20 Bill Lyrics

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A mind full of lies is a liars mind We moved ahead and left the truth
behind. They say the truth will set you free, but they don't know their
history. There's blood from sea to shining sea You see fruit that's on
the tree, with roots in white supremacy A stolen land from you and me
Hitler's Nazi Germany. A divine dream of suffering, Andrew Jackson made
his plea. Removal of the Cherokee If Hitler was on the 20 dollar bill,
How would the Jews feel? Trail of tears.... Hawaii for Hawaiians Black
Hills for the Sioux. A stolen land for me, for you You think it ain't
going on today. You pass a twenty, look the other way. Desecration of a
burial site Did you go shopping at the mall tonight? The blood is on the

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/corporate-avenger/lyrics/20-bill] Christains' hands. With crosses they possessed this land. Crimes against
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humanity. A stolen land for you and me. The lie manifest destiny, the
evidence of our history. Can you discover what's already there? By
definition you become aware. The greatest country in the history of man,
Was here long before the colonies began. Ownership of a land, a lie.
Soliders marched and children died. Small pox blankets for thier heads.
Jackson killed the children dead.