High On Infinity Lyrics

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(Love supreme)
Dream child tonight
You are entitled the right
So sick and tired of the constant fight
Tonight the Master is here
And he holds you dear
And now all the reasons are clear
Just fly on, today here tomorrow gone
In the end you sum up what you won
Electric impulses like lightning
Running through my veins
I'm travelling for the future
Through the astral planes
Just take my hand, I'll make you understand

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That you are unique, you are grand
Don't hesitate, I'll take you out of hate
Let the earth alone have its fate
You don't have much time, life's short and most are blind
They're stuck in reasons of that life's not kind
Life's been pain, grief and tears
Caused by nightmare dreams
Now it's tears of joy instead
It's a love supreme
So what you see is no longer a choice to be
You simply nmust set yourself free
Come on follow me, and get high on infinity
Join the astral caravan
I say, you can come along too
We're on our way to another land